Our own tortillas just landed. We are very excited about this product, the 6" (15cm) tortilla that was highly liked amongst our try out customers. It's perfect tapas wrap and has a perfect mix of [...]

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Gordal Olives

Today our new Gordal Olives arrived. Gordal which means "fat one" in spanish is a bigger type of green olives that is very appreciated for it's good taste. You will find it mostly around areas [...]

By | augusti 10th, 2016|Categories: Products|

Tomatoes BiB 10Kg Diced & Crushed

Private label is something we are very found of and finding a top selling product such as BiB tomatoes 10 Kg was something we were very keen on doing. After a lot of testing we [...]

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Sea Salt Flakes

Sea salt flakes is a product that needs to have a high quality on it's flakes and not being to fine. We looked around and found a distributor in the UK that we were quick [...]

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