About Us

We are since 1989 a swedish whole sale and grocery supplier with the focus on the swedish HO.RE.CA. markets.

RESTAURANGJOUREN has been around since 1989. We started as a fruit and vegetable company with the name Grönsaksjouren which means, Vegetabledelivery on duty, where we only delivered fruit and vegetable. The company grow bigger and bigger and we started to deliver some canned food as well seeing the demand was high on that. After that we started to get request for frozen food and of course listened to that. With the demands growing higher we’ve switched locals 3 times and finally landed 2001 were we are today. At 2011 we grown so big and seeing that fruit and vegetables became just 35% of what we delivered to our customers, the new and current sitting CEO Tommy Juhlin, took over the company and changed the name to Restaurangjouren, to be more suitable for what we are doing seeing we now delivered everything to our customers.  We also took over our nextdoor neighbour and tripled our size to 3000 square metres of storage. With this we started up our first store Stockholmscashen, which was a store where the customer could come in and by anything they wanted, directly in the storage.

At 2014 we celebrated 25 years in the business and broke the 100 million SEK (€10 millinon) revenue limit!

Today we deliver food, both frozen and fresh and non-food products  to over 150 different locations everyday in Sweden. In Stockholm, where we are strongest, we deliver to schools, caterers, food trucks, restaurants, hotels, cafés and stores.
We also have our new own store, Gourmet Store (www.gourmetstore.se), where anyone can come and shop restaurant quantities as well as just those 4 slices of Kobe beef that you want for your special dinner.

How is our sales dived?

Freshcut / Fruit / Vegetables 30%
Dry Goods / Beverages 25%
Non-Food 5%
Protein 30%
Dairy 10%


We have since 2010 been working with private label and we have gone from our first product Pesto without nuts to that we now have over 30 different products in our name and counting! Here under you will find a few of our private label products.


Our swedish mayonnaise, both 35% and 80% is highly appreciated amongst our customers.

Lingonberry Drink

The swedish lingonberry drink is a must on the swedish lunch cuisine. It’s also a very popular drink to mix with alcohol such as vodka in nothern Sweden.

Swedish Rapeseed Oil

We found the best rapeseed oil and was very quick with make it with private label. The chef’s loves this one, and feels it’s perfect for cooking.


Our freshcut department Färskskuret has been producing since 2001. We produce all our goods without any added mixtures. Just fresh cleaned veggies in water and air.

We cut everything from the simple cabbage and carrots to making our delicious handcut fruitplates for luxurious events.