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We are since 1989 a swedish whole sale and grocery supplier with the focus on the swedish HO.RE.CA. markets.

We deliver to over 150 different locations everyday in Sweden. In Stockholm, where we are strongest, we deliver to schools, caterers, food trucks, restaurants, hotels, cafés and stores. We have everything that the customer could possible want from all over the world. Tomatoes from Italy, Chicken from Latvia, Meatballs from Sweden, Coffee from Brazil, Meat from Australia, Olives from Spain and Fish from Norway is just some examples of how wide our sortiment is. Since 2010 we’ve had our own private label products and have at the moment over 30 different products that we are very proud of to offer our customers.

Meat & Poultry

Fish & Shellfish

Dry goods, canned food and drinks


Fruit & Vegetables

Our own Freshcut: ”Färskskuret”


We are certified in IP Livsmedel (Internal Protocol for a food safety system) since 2013 and for Ecological sales and production since 2016.